This was nextM, April 12, 2018

Future Conference nextM

Andreas Vretscha, CEO Mediacom, Christine Antlanger-Winter, CEO Mindshare, Dominic Grainger, CEO GroupM EMEA, Silke Übele, CEO Wavemaker und Peter Lammerhuber, CEO GroupM Austria.

The nextM Future Conference, organized by GroupM Austria, took place for the second time on April 12, 2018 in the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna. Top-class international speakers from the
fields of philosophy, science and politics such as the „Star of Justice“, the American philosopher Michael Sandel or Kevin Slavin of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the
world’s leading elite universities in the field of high technologies, presented and discussed their perspectives and insights on technological development and their impact to more than 500
invited guests from business, advertising and IT. They were welcomed by Andreas Vretscha, CEO Mediacom, Christine Antlanger-Winter, CEO Mindshare, and Silke Übele, CEO Wavemaker.
Rosa Lyon from ORF led through the varied program.

The big topic of the day was the influence of technology on the development of society and the economy as a whole. What are the big advances and are people able to deal with them? Algorithms
play a central role in this process and seem to have an objective instance. Does it matter who programs them? The American Prof. Kevin Slavin researches at the MIT Media Laboratory and
outlined the impact on a world shaped by algorithms depending on the existing interest of the developer and client. Which ethical and legal challenges are we facing? These questions were
raised and discussed by Prof. Dr. med. Alena Buyx, member of the German Ethics Council and Prof. Michael J. Sandel of Harvard University, bestselling author. Their insights were discussed
in depth during the „fireside chat“ with Antlanger-Winter and Lyon, who moderated the discussion.

Mankind, the entity. Opposite him stands the empathic robot. What impact on life, interaction and communication will these humanoid robots have? Dr. David Hanson, the American robotics
scientist and designer of Sophia, the first robot with citizenship, introduced his experiences. What can DNA storage and quantum computing do when they are mature? The British mathematician
Nick Goldman from the European Bioinformatics Institute in Hixton, England and Prof. Winfried Hensinger from the University of Sussex opened up a glimpse into the future.

„We want to be an eye-opener with nextM. Our aim is to point out scientific aspects and future scenarios that are unknown to us, and to shed light on the future on a meta-level, „says Peter
Lammerhuber, CEO GroupM Austria. „It’s about the near but distant future. How will the life of the people develop in the next years in this constant transformation, and how does this influence
our living together as a society and with it the economy? We now have some well-founded answers to these questions. „Axel Stil, President of (M) Platform EMEA and Dominic Grainger, GroupM CEO
EMEA, have stepped up their approach to transformation through international operations in the communications and media industries because“ it’s about generating added value for the industry
in the future“.

Christoph H. Breneis