This was nextM, March 23, 2017

Future Conference nextM – Let´s have a glimpse at the future

Florian Zelmanovics, CEO Maxus, Andreas Vretscha, CEO Mediacom, Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Jansen, speaker nextM, Corinna Milborn, Puls4, Thomas Drozda, federal minister of cultural affairs and media, Christine Antlanger-Winter, COO Mindshare, cyborg artist Neil Harbisson, speaker nextM and Peter Lammerhuber, CEO GroupM Austria. 

Seven international accredited Opinion Leaders from the sectors of science, research and praxis came together in the famous “Aula der Wissenschaften” in Vienna to present the newest insights from the future research in front of over 500 Marketing and Innovation inspired people. The main topics were artificial intelligence, robotics, digital manufacturing, big data and internet of things. Corinna Milborn from Puls4 and Christine Antlanger-Winter, COO Mindshare were the hosts and guided through the programme the whole day.

The conference nextM which was initiated for the first time from GroupM Austria offered impressive insights of important and integrated ideas from influential people around the planet. It was also mentioned that in the future machines and humans will interact more closely and become a necessity to each other. Various speakers such as Cyborg Neil Harbisson, Nir Eyal (Author from the bestseller “Hooked”), Prof. Carlo Ratti (designer of the supermarket of the future), Univ. Dr. Stephan A. Jansen (Co-inventor of the partnership of digital and social transformation), Univ. Prof. Mag. Horst Eidenberger from the TU Wien, Prof. Dr. Gernot R. Müller from the TU Graz and Rüdiger Wanck (inventor from SDNC8 and former GroupM Connect CEO) offered to the audience a deeper understanding of how the world will turn out in the near future and it’s possibility to use digitalisation for good.

“Our Opinion Leaders from today inspired us to find new ways of thinking. They encouraged us to exchange our thoughts, to exposure the way of our thinking towards concepts and provided us with unexpected changing tasks” commented Peter Lammhuber, CEO GroupM Austria.

How is it possible to combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence in education? This and even more interesting questions were discussed from the ministry of culture Thomas Drozda and Jansen during the “Fireside-Chat” which also got hosted from Milborn and Antlanger-Winter.


Christian Mikes
Christoph H. Breneis